Offshore boundaries: A fairly detailed analysis of offshore boundaries for the purposes of avifaunal surveys, checklists, and for bird listing was initially posted to the CalBird discussion group. It has since been slightly edited and posted on the CBRC's web page HERE. [it follows the list of county abbreviations, so wait for it to load]

Taxonomy: There is an essay on this site about "choosing a list of bird families" that also considers some taxonomic issues like the current debate between "biological species concepts" (BSC) and the "phylogenetic species concept" (PSC). It is posted HERE.

California Bird Records Committe: an example of voting analysis is presented by posting my votes on the June 1985 Swallow-tailed Gull record. The examples posted are from the 2nd and 4th rounds of circulation of this controversial record, and my votes & analysis are HERE.  The CBRC has its own site which can be reached here.

"Wild Turkey: a native California bird?" is a Thanksgiving holiday rumination citing fossil evidence that Wild Turkey is actually a re-introduced native California bird

A discussion of central coast Caracaras in summer 2002 is a photo essay about a Monterey Co. bird in August, including a discussion on (a) was it wild? and (b) was it same bird as in Santa Cruz Co. in September? That discussion is HERE.

"One mystery solved..." is a photo essay about the search for a specimen-backed summer record of "Glaucous Gull" on Monterey Bay -- it's a combination mystery story and lesson about gull identification & review: HERE

King Co., California, Big Day and first record of Glaucous-winged Gull: photos and discussion of the gull are HERE, plus a reprint of Luke Cole's story of a successful Big Day in an underbirded inland county (since surpassed, but still fun).

More discussions will be posted as they arise from time to time. Cheers, Don Roberson



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