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Chionidae Sheathbills
Snowy Sheathbill: 2 Jul 2005 Cape Town, South Africa

Family not seen:

Pluvianellidae Magellanic Plover

Burhinidae Thick-knees
Spotted Thick-knee: 3 Jul 2005 Simontown, South Africa
Pluvianidae Egyptian Plover
Egyptian Plover: 15 Dec 2013 Volta River, Ghana
Recurvirostridae Stilts & Avocets
Black-necked Stilt: 16 Jun 2006 Salinas, California

Ibidorhynchidae Ibisbill
Ibisbill: 13 Mar 2001 Kosi River, India

Haematopodidae Oystercatchers
Black Oystercatcher: 26 Jul 2014 Pebble Beach, California
Charadriidae Plovers
Southern Lapwing: 22 Jul 2010 Rio Cuiaba, Brazil
Pedionomidae Plains-wanderer
Plains-wanderer: 31 Dec 1997 Conargo, NSW, Australia

Family seen but not photographed:

Thinocoridae Seedsnipes

Rostratulidae Painted-snipes
Greater Painted-snipe: 5 Aug 2002 Tarangire NP, Tanzania
Jacanidae Jaçanas
Wattled Jaçana: 21 Jul 2010 Pantanal, Brazil
Scolopacidae Sandpipers & allies
Buff-breasted Sandpiper: 28 Aug 2006 Pacific Grove, CA

Family seen but not photographed:

Turnicidae Buttonquails

Dromadidae Crab Plover
Crab Plover: 10 Mar 2001 Khor al Beidah, UAE
Glareolidae Coursers & Pratincoles
Double-banded Courser: 26 Nov 1981 Lake Jipe, Kenya
Stercorariidae Skuas & Jaegers
Long-tailed Jaeger: 26 May 2013 off N.C., USA
Alcidae Alcids
Scripps's Murrelet: 14 Aug 2004 Monterey Bay, California



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