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Eulacestomatidae Ploughbill
Wattled Ploughbill: 8 Sep 2016 Tari Gap, Papua New Guinea

Families seen but not photographed:

Paramythiidae Painted Berrypeckers

Vireonidae Vireos
Cassin's Vireo: 27 Jun 2015 Sierra Co., California
Erpornithidae Erpornis
Erpornis: 25 Dec 2012 Khai Yao NP, Thailand
Pteruthiidae Shrike-babblers
Green Shrike-babbler: 12 Nov 2010 Foping, China
Dicruridae Drongos
Hair-crested Drongo: 6 Oct 2011 Sulawesi, Indonesia

Families seen but not photographed:

Lamproliidae Silktails

Rhipiduridae Fantails
Willie-Wagtail: 7 Oct 2011 Halmahera, Indonesia
Laniidae Shrikes
Masked Shrike: 7 Mar 2001 Abu Dhabi, UAE
Corvidae Crows, Jays & allies
Mongolian Ground-Jay: 20 Jun 2004 Caka Valley, China

Families seen but not photographed:

Melampittidae Melampittas


Corcoracidae Apostlebirds
White-winged Chough: 2 Sep 2016 Sundown NP, Australia
Paradisaeidae Birds-of-Paradise
Blue Bird-of-Paradise: 11 Sep 2016 Papua New Guinea
Monarchidae Monarchs
Leaden Flycatcher: 3 Sep 2016 Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Ifritidae Ifrit
Blue-capped Ifrit: 7 Sep 2016 Tari Gap, Papua New Guinea
Campephagidae Cuckoo-shrikes
Sulawesi Cicadabird: 4 Oct 2011 Indonesia
Vangidae Vangas & allies
Sickle-billed Vanga: 20 Nov 1992 Ifaty, Madagascar
Platysteiridae Batises & allies
White-tailed Shrike: 17 Jul 2005 Spitzkoppe, Namibia



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