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Family seen but not photographed:

Panuridae Bearded Reedling

Family seen but not photographed:

Nicatoridae Nicators

Alaudidae Larks
Greater Hoopoe-Lark: 6 Mar 2001 Al Wathba, UAE
Hirundinidae Swallows & Martins
Cliff Swallow: 22 May 2011 Salinas, California, USA
Stenostriridae Fairy Flycatchers
White-tailed Blue Flycatcher: 10 June 2018 Tanzania
Paridae Tits & Chickadees
Ground-Tit: 17 Jun 2004 Qinghai Lake, China
Remizidae Penduline Tits
Southern Penduline-Tit: 18 Jul 2005 Etosha NP, Namibia

Aegithalidae Long-tailed Tits
Bushtit: 6 Oct 2012 Carmel, California, USA

Sittidae Nuthatches
Pygmy Nuthatch: 3 Apr 2005 Pacific Grove, California
Tichodromidae Wallcreeper
Wallcreeper: 10 Nov 2010 Foping, China
Certhiidae Treecreepers
Brown Creeper: 7 Jun 2015 Pacific Grove, CA, USA
Troglodytidae Wrens
Canyon Wren: 13 Apr 2006 Anza-Borrego NP, CA, USA
Polioptilidae Gnatcatchers
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher: 19 Jun 2006 Trinity Co., CA, USA
Cinclidae Dippers
American Dipper: 20 Jun 2014 Sierra Co., CA, USA
Pycnonotidae Bulbuls
Brown-breasted Bulbul: 9 Nov 2010 Huayang, China
Regulidae Kinglets
Ruby-crowned Kinglet: 1 Jan 2016 Moss Landing, CA, USA

Family seen but not photographed:

Pnoepygidae Cupwings

Macrosphenidae African Warblers
Rockrunner: 27 Jul 2005 Waterburg NP, Namibia



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