Octogomphus specularis

To date there are only three records of Grappletail in Monterey County. All three were collected along or near Finch Creek at Hastings Natural History Reservation in upper Carmel Valley in 1943. All were males on these dates: 21 May, 14 July, and 17 July. The specimens are part of the HNHR collection now held at the Oakland Museum.

There are no photos of Grappletail in MTY to date. Identification is covered by Manolis (2003).

The map shows the only known location for Grappletail in MTY to date: along Finch Creek at Hastings NHR from May to July. This species occurs widely along creeks and rocky streams in the montane foothills of California, west of the Sierran crest. It likely occurs along other similar creeks in the Santa Lucia Mts., up to 1500 m (5000' elev.).

This species has a fairly early flight season, ranging from April to August (Manolis 2003). In MTY the records to date range from 21 May-17 July.

Literature cited:
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