California Odes

2007 California Ode Big Year: Acknowledgements

A successful "Big Year" is never the sole effort of one person. It is always a credit to a much larger group who provided critical information, encouragement, and companionship. My 2007 year was particularly a group effort. To be sure, I did most of the driving but dozens of kind people helped in innumerable ways. Here are credits (and photos) of the most important, but many others helped in various ways. My thanks to you all. — D. Roberson

Rita Carratello

for wisdom, inspiration, humor, travel companionship, and finding many of the odes !



Tim Manolis

for his Field Guide, for his Cal-Odes trip reports, for much practical advice, and for finding our first Striped Saddlebags in October

Paul Johnson

for his critical help in finding Lavender Dancer [he is, after all, the Lavender Hill Man], for visiting MTY ode sites with me [and netting the River Cruiser!], and for his great CalOdes trip reports


Kathy & Dave Biggs

for Kathy's very useful web site on California odes [and her pocket guide], for CalOdes site reports, for co-hosting Ode Blitz III, and to both for enthusiasm & encouragement all year

Ray Bruun

for his tips on photography, for his web pages with superlative photos, and for netting the elusive Canada Darner !


Doug Aguillard

for founding & maintaining CalOdes chat line, for his useful web site on San Diego & Imperial odes, and for co-hosting Ode Blitz III

Pete Siminski

for his guidance around Dos Palmas Preserve as temperature climbed, his fine CalOdes trip reports, and for finding the Neon Skimmer at Morongo that we finally saw!


Dennis Paulson

for patiently answering questions via email [despite residence in Washington state], for his on-line reference of scanned odes, and for correcting my mistaken identifications all year long

Also, thanks to all who participated in the very successful Ode Blitz III in the Owens Valley in August . . .
. . . and to all who posted reports to CalOdes on any of California's great odeing sites. In addition to those mentioned above, special thanks to David Edwards, John Hall, Bob Miller, David Blue, Bruce Deuel, Paul Saraceni, Eric Preston, and Steve Rovell for reports that were used in my planning notebook
all photos & text © 2007 Don Roberson