California Odes

Female Pacific Spiketail ovipositing
22 July 2007 Gumboot Creek SIS

During 2007 I tried to find and photograph all the dragonflies & damselflies in California. More precisely, I attempted to locate all regularly occurring species and hoped for a vagrant or two. There were 106 species thought to breed within the State, plus 7 rare vagrants (two of them found by others in 2007), for a California total list at year's end of 113 odes. I was aiming at 106 species plus, if lucky, a vagrant.

The previous record was 104 species within a year, and only three folks had found 100 or more within any year prior to 2007.

I did not find all of the State's resident species in 2007, but nonetheless I was fortunate to locate 106 species (including one vagrant) in the wilds of California in 2007, and to photograph every species. This portal page provides links to other pages for the story.

Any plan starts with Willow Lake
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Don at Willow Lake 9 Sep 2007
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