Sympetrum madidum

To date there is only one record of Red-veined Meadowhawk in Monterey County. It was collected at Hastings Natural History Reservation in upper Carmel Valley on 27 Apr 1943. The specimens is part of the HNHR collection now held at the Oakland Museum.

There are no photos of Red-veined Meadowhawk in MTY to date. Identification is covered by Manolis (2003).

The map shows the only known location for Red-veined Meadowhawk in MTY to date: at Hastings NHR. It likely occurs along elsewhere in the county, perhaps at locales frequented by other meadowhawks. It could easily be overlooked among the abundant Cardinal Meadowhawks within the county. However, this is a rather uncommon and local meadowhawk within California, so its MTY status is quite uncertain.

This species has a fairly early flight season, ranging from April to September (Manolis 2003). The only MTY record to date was from 27 April.

Literature cited:
  • Manolis, T. 2003. Dragonflies and Damselflies of California. Univ. of Calif. Press, Berkeley.
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