ERRATA for MONTEREY BIRDS, 2d ed. (2002)
by Don Roberson
Eminent historian David Herbert Donald describes, in the preface to his 1995 masterpiece Lincoln, all the help provided by librarians, researchers, and copy-editors for his book. He then says: "With this much assistance I should have written a perfect book, but, of course, I haven't."  For Monterey Birds, 2d ed. (2002), I also had extensive help, gratefully received from reviewers and copy-editors, but, of course, I also failed to write a perfect book. The more egregious mistakes are set out below, beginning with the most serious omissions or errors:

Veery is missing from Appendix A, a chronology of the Monterey County list (page 478). That omission is bold-faced below between the two entries that should flank it:

 Bulwer's Petrel  28 July 1998  Monterey Bay  Jim Danzenbaker, Tristan McKee +
 Veery  21 Sep 1998  Big Sur R. mouth  BSOL banded; J. Booker, S.F. Bailey
 Great-winged Petrel  18 Oct 1998  Monterey Bay  Richard Ternullo, Steve N.G. Howell +

In addition, there appears to be another error in the Appendix A chronology (at page 472). Citing our Breeding Bird Atlas, Bill Bousman points out that Northern Mockingbird appears not to have arrived in MTY until after 1905. Accordingly, a 20th century record should appear on Appendix A, and Bousman has located this early one (flanked by the entries that should precede and follow it).

 Sage Thrasher  18 Nov 1918  San Lucas  Joseph S. Dixon; #MVZ
 Northern Mockingbird  28 Nov 1920  Carmel  A.S. Kibbe [Gull 3(1): 3]
 Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow  18 Oct 1921  Laguna Grande, Seaside  L.B. Bishop; #FMNH

Breeding Range Maps were inexplicably omitted for five species Blue-gray Gnatcatcher through American Robin (between pages 367-373). Here the breeding range map legend is reproduced, and then the five missing maps are shown:

The irregular breeding range on various breeding range maps was printed too lightly and is essentially invisible on some maps (especially Red Crossbill on p. 464 and Lawrence's Goldfinch on p. 467). Note that on the breeding map legend (page 71) and as shown above, "irregular" breeding range was supposed to be shown in cross-hatching. These are the locales where nesting is sporadic rather than annual. Breeding in these areas depends on good conditions. On some maps in Monterey Birds, 2d ed. (2002), only the outline of this area was printed (lacking the cross-hatching) while in other cases (e.g., Red Crossbill) even the outline is missing. Therefore, reproduced below are all the breeding range maps that included "irregular" breeding ranges that should have been illustrated by cross-hatching.

Missing bird records or expanded or revised date spans that have been brought to my attention:

Missing dots on bar graphs: Other omissions: Factual errors: Annoying typographic errors: I thank Jim Booker, Bill Bousman, Matt Brady, Jeff N. Davis, Michael Rieser, David L. Suddjian, and Mike Yough for providing some of these corrections. Frustratingly, I found quite a number of them myself, producing immediate gnashing of teeth. Please bring any additional errors or omissions to my attention at Thank you,
D. Roberson




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