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Family seen but not photographed:

Hyliotidae Hyliotas

Muscicapidae Old World Flycatchers
Ala Shan Redstart: 18 Jun 2004 Qinghai, China

Turdidae Thrushes
Orange-headed Thrush: 26 Dec 2012 Khao Yai, Thailand

Mimidae Thrashers & Mimids
Brown Trembler: 24 Mar 2000 Domincia
Sturnidae Starlings & allies
Burchell's Starling: 27 Jul 1996 Kruger NP, South Africa
Buphagidae Oxpeckers
Yellow-billed Oxpecker: 11 Jun 2018 Ngorongoro, Tanzania

Chloropseidae Leafbirds
Gold-fronted Leafbird: 13 Mar 2001 Ramnager, India
Dicaeidae Flowerpeckers
Yellow-breasted Flowerpecker: 24 Sep 2011 Malaysia
Nectariniidae Sunbirds & Spiderhunters
Southern Double-collared Sunbird: 7 Jul 2005 South Africa
Prunellidae Accentors
Robin Accentor: 19 Jun 2004 above Qinghai Lake, China
Motacillidae Pipits & Wagtails
White Wagtail: 26 Jun 2013, Oslo, Norway
Urocynchramidae Przevalski's Finch
Przevalski's Finch: 19 Jun 2004 nr Qinghai Lake, China

Family not seen:

Elachuridae Elachura

Bombycillidae Waxwings
Cedar Waxwing: 3 Dec 2015 Monterey, CA, USA
Ptilogonatidae Silky-flycatcher
Phainopepla: 6 Feb 2005 Calaveras Co., CA, USA
Dulidae Palmchat
Palmchat: 3 Jan 1999 Dominican Republic

Family seen but not photographed:

Hypocoliidae Hypocolius

Hylocitreidae Hylocitrea
Hylocitrea: 28 Sep 2011 Lore Lindu NP, Sulawesi
Peucedramidae Olive Warbler
Olive Warbler: 30 Dec 1995 Volcan Popocatepetl, Mexico
Fringillidae Finches
Lawrence's Goldfinch: 15 Mar 2014 Gonzales, CA, USA
Calcariidae Longspurs & allies
Snow Bunting: 26 May 2009 Pt. Pinos, California, USA



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