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Family seen but not photographed:

Rhodinocichlidae Rosy Thrush-Tanager

Emberizidae Old World Buntings
Yellow-throated Bunting: 13 Nov 2010 Foping NR, China
Passerellidae New World Sparrows
Lark Sparrow: 25 Feb 2006 Panoche Hills, CA, USA
Calyptophilidae Chat-Tanagers
Eastern Chat-Tanager: 3 Feb 2017 Cachote, Domincan Republic
Phaenicophilidae Hispaniolan Tanagers
Black-crowned Palm-Tanager: 3 Jan 1999 Domincan Republic
Nesospingidae Puerto Rican Tanager
Puerto Rican Tanager: 27 Mar 2000 El Yunque, P. Rico
Spindalidae Spindalises
Western Spindalis: 11 Feb 2017 Cayo Paredon, Cuba

Family seen but not photographed:


Teretristidae Cuban Warblers
Oriente Warbler: 11 Feb 2017 Cayo Paradon, Cuba
Icteriidae Yellow-breasted Chat
Yellow-breasted Chat: 3 May 2015 Lake Patagonia, AZ, USA

Icteridae Icterids
Yellow-rumped Marshbird: 25 Jul 2010 Emas NP, Brazil
Parulidae New World Warblers
Hermit Warbler: 26 Apr 2005 my yard, California, USA
Mitrospingidae Mitrospingid Tanagers
Olive-green Tanager: 2 Aug 2010 Intervales NP, Brazil
Cardinalidae Cardinals, Grosbeaks & allies
Summer Tanager: 19 Dec 2007 Cinchona, Costa Rica
Thraupidae Tanagers
Brassy-breasted Tanager: 1 Aug 2010 Intervales NP, Brazil
Hypocryptadiidae Cinnamon Ibon
Cinnamon Ibon: 23 Dec 2005 Mindanao, Philippines
Passeridae Old World Sparrows
Cape Sparrow: 30 Jun 2005 Cape Town, South Africa
Ploceidae Weavers
Scaly Weaver: 11 Jul 2005 Kalahari NP, South Africa
Estrildidae Waxbills, Munias & allies
Red-headed Finch: 11 Jul 2005 Kalahari NP, South Africa
Viduidae Whydahs & Indigobirds
Togo Paradise-Whydah: 12 Dec 2013 Mole NP, Ghana




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