From the blinds on Machias Seal Island, the focus is on two Atlantic alcids: Razorbill Alca torda and Atlantic Puffin Fratercula arctica. Both are presented in this gallery.

Of course, photographs alone cannot capture the cacophony of noise, nor the odors, that permeate a seabird breeding colony. But perhaps some of the photos can give one a touch of those senses, if one listens to the imagination.
Life in the puffin colony in June can seem hectic with birds constantly coming and going, but I'm guessing that it is calm compared to late summer. In June, during our visit, one adult was likely on eggs while the other foraged out to sea. Some were even still improving the quality of their burrows (below).
Although photographs cannot truly capture the entire experience, they are all one has left after it is time to say good-bye . . .
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