A series on identification issues focused on Monterey Birds:

  • A photo discussion on i.d. issues in subadult Nazca and Masked Booby, with particular reference to a July '17 Pt. Pinos bird [updated Oct 2017]
  • A comparison of juvenal plumages in Semipalmated and Western Sandpipers, with notes on juvenal-plumaged Little and Red-neck Stints [posted Aug 2014]; and see a photos discussion of two MTY records of Little Stint [posted Sep 2008]
  • A 2-page set on subspecies and groups in Marsh Wren on a continental scale [posted Apr 2013]
  • A 4-page set on subspecies and identification in White-crowned Sparrow, with emphasis on central California [posted Apr 2010]
  • A 5-page set on subspecies in Fox Sparrow, with emphasis on central California [posted March 2010]
  • A 3-page set on subspecies in Song Sparrow, with emphasis on central California [posted March 2009]
  • A page on subspecies in Peregrine Falcon, with emphasis on central California [posted Nov 2008]

Initial Identification Topics
These were posted before 2008 — the layout is outdated, and some of the text may now be quite dated:

  • Ten Most Misidentified Birds in Monterey County, a portal to short i.d. pages
  • Separating non-breeding plumaged Horned Grebe from Eared Grebe, especially on fresh water where Horned Grebe is scarce
  • An overview portal to Monterey grebes
  • A photo discussion of a mystery hybrid warbler banded at BSOL, which turned out to be Yellow Warbler x Common Yellowthroat
  • A discussion of i.d. issues in juv Harlequin Duck, with particular reference to a bird at Stockton in Nov '05
  • A discussion of i.d. of silhouetted dark albatross in the north Pacific, particularly i.d. of juv. Short-tailed Albatross
  • A preliminary investigation on separating the 'Dark-rumped Petrel' group: Hawaiian Petrel v. Galapagos Petrel, and which occurs off California
  • A discussion of in-hand identication of storm-petrels of the Eastern Tropical Pacific with reference to a 'mystery' bird from Peru
  • Masked or Nazca Booby on Monterey Bay, California, 13 Feb 1999 [which species? a challenging i.d. problem]
  • A page on Tropicbird Identification
  • A discussion of apparent hybrid white geese, with emphasis on difficult birds at Crespi Pond
  • "Kumlien's" Iceland Gull at Doheny SB, Orange Co., CA, 13 Feb 1999 [a controversial bird that I believe is a "Kumlien's" Iceland but with which others disagreed]
  • A series of 7 pages on the identification of Nutting's Flycatcher, with special reference to the Santa Cruz bird in 2003
  • Comments on separating Blue-headed and Cassin's Vireos on loral contrast
  • A comparison of field marks between North American scrub-jays
  • A discussion of i.d. problems with titmice at Lava Beds Na't Monument, Siskiyou Co., CA
  • A "virtual field guide" identification page on Hutton's Vireo vs. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
  • A discussion of the little-known problem between some pale American Robins and vagrant Eyebrowed Thrush
  • A discussion of an interesting wagtail at Big Sur River mouth with an exploration of the CBRC review process and eventual analysis by the world's experts on wagtails
  • An introductory page to Monterey County wagtails
  • A gallery of photos comparing apparent hybrid Indigo X Lazuli Bunting (all in-hand birds banded by BSOL)
  • Variation in California Great-tailed Grackles, which special reference to the first nesting pairs of the this species in Monterey County.





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