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See my personal trip chronology for an overview, including basic statistics and a thumbnail photo for each of my international birding trips.

  • CHINA 2010 a 10-day visit to Qingling Mountains, central China
  • BRAZIL 2010 a 10-page, photo-heavy trip report covering the Pantanal, Emas, and the Atlantic coastal forests
  • SOUTH AUSTRALIA 2009 a 5-page report on a "five grasswrens in five days" tour from Gluepot to the Birdsville Track in Nov 2009
  • NEW ZEALAND 2009 a 5-page report of a short visit to the North Island in Nov 2009
  • eastern United States trip to Virginia & Washington, D.C. focusing on both history and wildlife in June 2009
  • Hatteras, North Carolina, pelagic trip photos from a June 2009 trip
  • AUSTRALIA 2008 a 9-page project from a 3-week trip in Aug 2008 to the southwest, Red Centre & Tasmania
  • COSTA RICA 2007 a 10-page web project from a 2-week trip in Dec 2007
  • Machias Seal Island, off Cutler, Maine a 2-page report from June 2007, with special emphasis on nesting alcids
  • PHILIPPINES 2005-06 a 4-page photo-laden trip report of this month-long visit, plus an annotated trip list with yet more photos
  • Southwestern AFRICA 2005 a multi-page report of a month's visit to w. South Africa, Namibia, and the Okavango Delta, Botswana; many photos, daily log, annotated lists
  • north CHINA 2004 a three page trip report of a tour 6-26 June 2004 to Manchuria & the Tibetan-Qinghai Plateau, with many photos, and an annotated list
  • BORNEO 2003 an introduction to a trip 17 July-14 Aug 2003, with links to a daily log and an annotated list, all with many photos
  • UGANDA 2002 a photo introduction to a trip 17-31 July 2002, with links to a daily log and an annotated list
  • EL TRIUNFO, CHIAPAS, MEXICO a photo introduction with links to other photo discussions of specific sites, plus a herp page, and full annotated lists for trips in March 2002 & also Mar-Apr 1986
  • INDIA 2001 a photo summary & daily log linked to an annotated trip list: 11 Mar-4 Apr 2001
  • UNITED ARAB EMIRATES + a little OMAN 2001 photo report & itinerary linked to a trip list: 6-10 Mar 2001
  • CARIBBEAN 2000 a photo introduction to a trip 18-28 Mar 2000 in the Lesser Antilles with a stop in Puerto Rico but not a detailed itinerary nor a trip list
  • GABON 1996 a photo summary & daily log linked to an annotated trip list: 4-17 July 1996
  • PHILIPPINES 1990 a full trip report with daily log, many photos, and annotated trip list
  • KENYA 1981 a full trip report with detailed itinerary & many photos, linked to an annotated trip list, with special reference to details provided in advance by Dale & Marian Zimmerman: November 1981. In a sense you might say this report was twenty years in the making . . .



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